The Busaganashi is a martial arts lesser Taoist deity (kami) venerated by many Goju Ryu practitioners in Okinawa.

According to Miyazato Sensei of the Jundokan, Miyagi Chojun (as a Shinto) venerated the Busaganashi Kami every day. However, in the Okinawan air raid during world war two, Miyagi’s picture of the Busaganashi (which he acquired inChinaduring his travels) was destroyed along with many other possessions.

Higashionna Kanryō (東恩納 寛量, Higashionna Kanryō, March 10, 1853 – October 1915), also known as Higashionna West,was a Ryukyuan martial artist who founded a fighting style known at the time as Naha-te. He is recognized as one of the first students of Fujian White CraneKung Fu masters, namely Ryū Ryū Ko, in the Fuzhou region of China who returned with those skills to Okinawa. His student, Chōjun Miyagi, would later found Gōjū ryū Karate.

Chōjun Miyagi (宮城 長順, Miyagi Chōjun, April 25, 1888 – October 8, 1953) was an Okinawan martial artist who founded the Gōjū-ryū school of karate by blending Okinawan and Chinese influences.

Eiichi Miyazato (宮里 栄一, Miyazato Eiichi, July 5, 1922 – December 11, 1999) was a leading Okinawan master of Goju-ryukarate.[1] He was a senior student of Chōjun Miyagi,[2] founder of the Goju-ryu style. Miyazato held the rank of 10th dan in karate and 7th dan in judo; on his death, he was honoured with the degree of 8th dan in judo.[3]

Sensei Pieter Harms (ピタパン ハムズ) is founder & technical director International Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do Organization (IOGKO),WGKF Committee/ treasurer.