Firdaus Saiful Alam sensei started practicing Goju Ryu in 1978 at the Joint TNI (Army) headquarters in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia at SESKOGAB (Sesko TNI now) under Ukas Mihardja Sensei and Mochamad Juju Suhaeri Army pharmacy dojo (LAFIAD) from Bhinneka Shakti Goju Ryu student under Yamaguchi Gogen sensei founder GOJUKAI,Ukas Mihardja sensei founder of Bhinneka shakti student under Yamaguchi Gogen at Retsumikan dojo.

May 12 .1998 he founded Gojuindo (Goju Ryu & Jujutsu International Karate-do) apart from providing a lot of assistance, advice, support to colleagues in terms of the establishment of okinawa Shorin Ryu (Yamabushi dojo under Suwito Sensei), okinawa Isshin Ryu (Kyosenshikan dojo under Arifin Alif sensei), (Doshinkan) Jitsueikai Jkf – Gojukai (under Sopian Setawerdaya sensei) ,Seiwakai the first under Novel Hendrawan sensei (pass away) and now under Tanto Nugroho Sensei & Seigokan Goju Ryu (under Dody Rochadi sensei) in Indonesia Established the IKKA in 2006 (Indonesia Karate Kobudo Association) which later changed to FOKKI (Okinawa Karate Kobudo Indonesia Federation) as an official member of WUKF (World Union Karate Federation), established AIGKK (All Indonesian Goju Ryu Karate Kyokai), Indonesia’s first member for WGKF / AGKF (World Goju Ryu Karate-do Federation / Asian Goju Ryu Karate-do Federation) as a forum for the unity of Goju Ryu in Indonesia in 2010 and started the first Goju Ryu Festival to commemorating Chojun Miyagi the founder of Goju Ryu, founded the WOKKF (World Okinawa Karate Kabudo Federation) and also the founder of Indonesian Fujian White Crane Kungfu. under the guidance Shifu Hun Shui Lee Dedicates itself to martial arts which has international relations with many organizations both karate, jujutsu, aikijutsu, aikido, kung fu, pencak silat etc. and also train a lot in the military, police, security, schools and private classes.Now joined and under the guidance of Pieter Harms Sensei (10th DAN) the founder and technical director of IOGKO (International Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate-do Organization).

As for Jujitsu that is learned in Gojuindo is direction and guidance under Massimo Curti Giardina 10th DAN Hansi and has a Sankaku Ryu Jujitsu Academy in march 2006.

in 2002 pioneered holding technical security self defense seminar with binmas/binamitra Polda.Jawa Barat,Polwiltabes Bandung (Polrestabes Bandung now),Polres Bandung (Polresta Cimahi now) held up to 5 times.For the support of AKBP.Haryadi Muchtas S.IK (Vice chief Polresta Bandung Barat) 2th DAN Goju Ryu and IPTU.M.Yusuf Head Operation Sabhara 4th DAN Goju Ryu was appointed chief instructor of police martial arts starting from class 16 Р28. Martial Arts Instructor at Air Force Military Police Bandung Based Husein Sastranegara under the commander of Capt.POM.Minster Tarigan SH with the blessing of DANPUSPOMAU Marsma TNI Yushan Sayuti.a Martial Arts instructor at the Pusdikter TNI-AD (army) under the Commander of Col.Czi.Drs.Chistian Zebua MM (Last task of Pangdam Cendrawasih).a Martial arts Instructor for security in several industries in Cimareme Padalarang at PT.Giri Asih Jaya,PT.Villa Polatex,PT.SMM,PT.Royal Abadi Sejahtera,PT.Falmaco,PT.Combiphar etc,at Cimahi Cibabat Hospital,at Bandung Holiday inn Hotel,Kagum Grup Hotel,PT.Daya adira Mustika (Daya Adicipta Motora now) West Java main dealer Honda Motor.Pioneering the implementation of Karate championships of the General Ahmad Yani cup,DANPUSDIKTER cup beside actively participating in the MMA RCTI Duel Fighting & TPI Finghting championship events with the Elite Fighting Club name and some private classes of course.